A modern-day “bateau-lavoir”*, La Sirène perpetuates craftmanship while integrating sustainable innovations.

*washhouse boat referring to the origin of the name “La Sirène” which pays tribute to Parisian heritage: in 1623 a boat named “La Sirène” was the first one to be allowed to establish its activity as a laundry-boat by the King of France.


Our team of experts makes every effort to provide exceptional service to our clients. Each employee has been selected and trained for their know-how, passion, and commitment to perfection: our chef d’atelier, our pressers, as well as our hostesses in our Parisian boutique.


Each piece of clothing is inspected by our team, who master the characteristics of the most precious textiles. Our experts garment care specialists, examine each piece through every single detail: its fabric, its composition, its care label.


Beyond cleaning, our team restores their original radiance to the most fragile ready-to-wear and Haute Couture pieces (organza, chiffon, tweed, jewelry buttons, embroidery, sequins, feathers, etc.) thanks to:

- A thorough diagnosis.
- A tailor-made treatment.
- Manual spot cleaning.
- Meticulous ironing.

During this process, every button, fastener, pin, and other fragile element are carefully protected. This attention helps protect the most fragile and precious garments. After pre-spotting and cleaning, clothes are ironed and put in shape in our atelier. Our team ensures that each service is up to our clients’ highest expectations.


At La Sirène, we share a true passion for the most sophisticated garments, and we take great care of them. Often the most fragile pieces stay in the closet for fear of damaging them. According to an Oxfam report (2020), 70% of the clothes in our wardrobe are not worn.

Our philosophy is to encourage our clients to wear their favorite clothes as often as possible and keep them for as long as possible.

Our team will welcome you at 11 rue Duphot to advise you and offer you a personalized service.

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Visit our first Parisian boutique at 11 rue Duphot in the 1st arrondissement, in the heart of Paris.