To minimize the ecological impact of our activity, we designed the packaging elements (garment covers, capes, hangers, silk paper, paper bags) based on the conduct of Life Cycle Analysis and environmental considerations such as: avoiding single-use plastic, promoting the reuse of packaging elements and limiting waste.


One of our priorities is to reduce the use of single-use plastic as much as possible, especially the plastic protection covers used in most traditional dry cleaners. Thus, we have developed a garment bag in upcycled fabric, manufactured in a French atelier of professional reintegration. These covers are consigned in order to promote their multiple reuse and reduce their environmental impact. We encourage our customers to bring them back for reuse. There is always the option of bringing your own garment bag if you already have one.

On the other hand, to protect clothes from dust, we have made elegant capes from upcycled organza. These capes protect clothes in closets without damaging them, unlike plastic covers that prevent clothes from “breathing” and which can eventually alter the material and color.

A better protected garment is a garment less cleaned!


Commonly used metal hangers are very difficult to recycle and can even block recycling systems. Thus, we have developed 100% recycled paper hangers made in Italy. These solid hangers have been designed to last and we strongly encourage our customers to bring them back so that we can reuse them until the end of their lifecycle. The hangers can then be recycled using the classic paper-cardboard circuit.


We offer recycled paper bags to protect garments folded in silk paper, thus avoiding the use of plastic bags. These bags are made with 40% recycled paper and have been designed to last in order to be reused as much as possible. The bags and silk paper that protect folded clothing are also recyclable.

By adopting a circular system, we seek to adopt a holistic sustainable approach to our activity where we do everything, we can to be more virtuous.

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