The story behind

la sirène

More than a hundred laundry boats were docked along the Seine and the Canal Saint-Martin in the 19th century. These boats functioned as laundry spaces. As early as 1623, the ship named La Sirène was allowed to establish its activity as a laundry-boat by the King of France, Louis XIII.

La Sirène, founded in 2022, pays tribute to this Parisian heritage. To these laundresses who were more than 100,000 by the end of 19th century, at the time of the industrial revolution. They belonged to a corporation of independent women who knew how to beat and wash linens and garments according to a know-how renowned far beyond France.

Ten hours a day, wearing white caps and aprons, they took care of the Parisians' laundry. They cleaned it, beat it, soaked it in big washing buckets before spinning it and finally hanging it in an airy room called “the dryer”.

In this meticulous process, neither water nor soap were wasted.

Our name also refers to the mermaid symbol. This fascinating feminine creature from the mythology evokes the sea and the water, so precious for our planet's ecosystem.

All these sources of inspiration symbolize La Sirène's sustainable commitment.